I have a few passions and they are very obvious to anyone I meet…


I love business talk, new media & social media, business planning and trying to think of the next big idea.  I graduated from the Ball State University Entrepreneurship program and survived their “E-day” Senior Sweat Course.  Working in an internet company for the last couple of years, I have really been immersed in social media and online engagement.


We started young; I am 25 years old, a husband to my beautiful wife Jackie and father to my incredible 3 year old “Big Girl” Adalynn.  My family comes before anything!

We camp out in our living room, go fishing and frequent the water park.  We do about everything together and I am very grateful that my wife is a stay at home mom who can raise our daughter.


So this is an old passion that gathered dust but is cleaning up a bit.  I used to be a year round athlete in High School…and then I went to college.  I watched my breast cancer survivor mother-in-law complete a half marathon in 2009 and was really inspired.  Health and fitness is something that is now a priority in my family’s life.  I am committed to my first sprint triathlon in August and will work my way up to longer distances soon.

These are my passions, and I love to help others fulfill theirs.  If your business is your passion, give it a refreshing look and lets connect.  Email:  david [at] davidhutnik [dot] com

Also, live chat is set up with my phone.  Lets connect right now!  ———————————>