The Magnetic Community

Think back to high school.  Who did you want to hang out with or be associated with more than anything?  Was there that one person that just had this personality, a “magnetic” pull to them, that just made you want to talk to them?  I’m not talking about that gorgeous girl or hot jock; but the one that just made you feel good, made you smile, and everyone loved…

Let’s look at some of these same qualities and apply them to an online community, your community.  Now, when I refer to a community; this could be a forum, a Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog; wherever you are holding your online conversations…

Quality #1 – Put a smile on their face

The occasional joke, friendly conversation, overall atmosphere, engaging conversations that make you feel value in yourself; all super powerful aspects of a person/community that just simply make you want to smile.  Anyone or place that makes me constantly smile is like a magnet pulling you back, don’t you feel the same way?

Quality #2 – Make you feel welcome

This might be more tuned to a community than a person, but this certainly applies.  When talking about what is going to being someone back time and time again, they must feel welcome.  A place where you feel that you belong and you are comfortable in is going to attract you time and time again.  Kick off your shoes, grab a soda and come one in, this is home!  That’s the feeling you want someone to say when they get ready to come hang out!

Quality #3 – Giving value not asking for anything

I have this friend that simply never asks for anything.  The nicest guy you’ll ever meet, would give you the shirt off his back kind of guy.  The words out of his mouth always expressed “What can I do for you”?  This guy was actually the inspiration for this whole article.  Think about applying this to your community…  If you have a place where everyone really feels like they are getting something out of every time that they come, they will surely keep coming back.

Quality #4 – HUGE personality

This is the fun one because we all know that one person that is just over the top that come to mind when you hear “huge personality”; and undoubtedly, they have a large circle of friends.  To gain a large following online, you have to be louder, more personable, and super outgoing.  Leave the shy and reserved self at the door and get out there to make yourself heard.  If you skip this quality, what’s the point?

Quality #5 – Stay Connected

Lastly but very important, staying connected and engaged with your fans/followers/members can be one of the most important qualities.  Online conversation are a 1-1 NOT a 1-many marketing channel.  You have to get in and meet people, connect people who can be mutually beneficial, and engage in personal conversations.

Do you host a “Magnetic Community”?  What qualities did I miss?  What really draws you back to a person/community?  Share your comments with me, I’d love to hear them!

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