Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my site!  A lot of the topics that I will be writing about revolve around the social media world and new tech.  I love to keep up on the latest and greatest in these industries and will try to blog as frequently as possible.  I manage Social Media so I will be blogging about tips and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Blogs.  SEO is also important so this will be another focus.

What I love about Social Media?

It’s constantly changing, growing, and innovating.  Loaded with surprises, the industry is always on edge waiting to see the newest reinvented platforms and features.  The para-dine shift in marketing is such a short period of time is absolutely mind boggling.

Social Media Resources

A question I get often is, “What book would help me understand social media better”?  From a concept level, sure; there are some great new media books to check out.  But if you think about how long it takes to write a book; publish, promote and distribute them, by the time that the very first person gets their hands on that book it is OLD news and likely not even applicable!  Really, a text book in a college course is almost silly!  I do have a few favorite blogs though!

MashableTech Crunch

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